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Thus this aspect of her deed, when present, may contribute to an overall "manly"effect, but does not constitute that effect by itself. river crossing (swimming) noted: Dio Cass. 1, Juv. 264-65, Sil. 828-30 (with "manliness" judgement). Unique is Sil. 496-98: facta virum sileo. rege haec et foedere et annis / et fluvio spretis miranteminterrita Thybrim/ tranavit. 87. Some accounts, however, make her achievement more impressive by insisting (as for Horatius) that the water was rough and the swim difficult: Plut.

3: elapsa custodiam Cloelia per patriam flumen equitabat. et rex quidem tot tantisque virtutumterritus monstris; De vir. ill. 13: deceptis custodibus noctu castris eius egressa equum ... arripuit et Tiberim traiecit ... cuius ille [sc. Porsenna] virtutem admiratus. Only EXEMPLARITY IN ROMAN CULTURE 41 Let us examine the three most common elements-crossing the river, leading the girls, and deceiving the guards-for their potential "manliness," whether individually or in combination. Since the river crossing, with swimming sometimes replaced by a ride on horseback, is present in every account of her deed, it seems a good candidate for the irreducibly "manly" aspect.

27) notes a parallel between Sertorius and Philip II of Macedon (comparing Sall. Hist. 88M and Dem. De cor. 67); while Plutarch (Mor. 307D-E) compares Philip and Horatius. It may therefore be only an accident of survival that no text directly compares Horatius and Sertorius. 61. Val. Max. 140-262; Plut. Caes. 3-4; Suet. lul. 68; App. B Civ. 60 (where the perforatedshield and lost eye are attributedto a Minucius). Discussion of these passages in relation to Horatius in Capdeville 1972, 602-11. 62.

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