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By Clyde Roy Pack

Clyde Roy Pack's pleasant anecdotes of lifestyles in a 1940's japanese Kentucky coal camp will entertain and amuse readers of every age. His documented historical past of the coal corporation and its humans paints a brilliant portrait of Appalachian existence greater than a part century in the past.

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She lived well into her 90s and I attended her funeral at the Thealka Free Will Baptist Church. Ironically, her grousing and grumbling were not mentioned. According to the preacher, Aunt Lou had never uttered an ill syllable to anything or anybody. But I knew better. Geographically speaking, Muddy Branch (or Thealka) is less than two miles northeast of Paintsville, the Johnson County seat. 30 Clyde Roy Pack The closest big towns are Huntington, West Virginia, about 60 miles to the northeast, and Lexington, Kentucky, which is about twice that far to the northwest.

I don't remember — if I ever knew in the first place — how the worth of a single cigarette was determined. A whole pack cost about 20 cents so they couldn't have been worth more than a penny apiece. Anyway, being too young to participate in such an illicit affair, once in a while I'd mosey back there just to watch. However, my little brother Joe put a stop to that one day when Mom heard him repeat a colorful phrase or two that he had picked up when he accompanied me to one of the poker games. He didn't get into trouble, but I did.

Silcott and J. J. Ardigo. The committee stressed the need for sufficient production of coal for maintaining the present high level of war production, andfurther for keeping the American people warm this winter. We recognize, the committee announced, that there is a shortage of coal miners; that absenteeism for different reasons is more serious in the mines than in any other American industry. We recognize the fact that many men have left the mines for other industry and that very few people are being trained in the knowledge of mining.

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