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By Marc H. Bornstein, Charles G. Gross, Joan Z. Wolf, Ellen H. Grober, William Beardsley, Alfonso Caramazza, John M. Sorensen, William E. Cooper, Jeanne M. Paccia, Werner Deutsch, Thomas Pechmann & Ulric Neisser

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By placing Noun-Verb homophones of the type found in Experiment I in constituent-final position, we hoped to document the independent influence of grammatical category type on segment duration. Given the results of Experiment I, it was expected that the Nouns might exhibit longer durations than the Verbs. In order to account for the results of Experiment II, two additional influences can be considered. First, the assumption made above (see Footnote on page 140) that there is no interaction effect between grammatical category type and constituent position may be incorrect.

Modality either augments or leaves unaffected NPl type verbs, but has a more dramatic effect on NP2 type verbs. Weak modal auxiliaries reverse the direction of causality implicit in these verbs, while strong modals intensify their original causal valence. The effect of modality on pronoun assignment in because sentences contrasts sharply with its lack of effect in but sentences. The number of NPI and NP2 assignments for but sentences appear in Table 3. No reliable differences emerged for individual verbs: all appeared as strong NPl’s when ‘Praise patterned like the other NP2 type verbs when the results were combined with the data from the passive and verb-negated sentences.

Sorensen, William E. Cooper, Jeanne M. Paccia each sentence. For Pies, the measured segment began with the onset of voicing for the /I/ and ended with the offset of regular voicing of the vowel. The offset sometimes overlapped with the onset of frication noise of the /s/. In such instances, the offset was marked where the /s/ noise was no longer modulated in a semi-periodic manner characteristic of regular voicing. The key word dies or dyes was measured from the beginning of the burst of the /d/ to the offset of voicing as described forflies.

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