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By Jacques Vallee

In CONFRONTATIONS, the second one quantity of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee individually investigates 40 stunning unidentified flying object circumstances from worldwide. He unearths it surprising that pro scientists have by no means heavily tested this fabric. This e-book is set the hopes, reviews, and the frustrations of a scientist who has long past into the sphere to enquire a weird and wonderful, seductive, and infrequently terrifying phenomenon suggested by way of many witnesses as a touch with an alien kind of intelligence.

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In giving numerous briefings, and holding discussions within the Intelligence Community, or IC as it is known in inner circles, Vallee also found the analysts' real interests focused on what other agencies were doing in the UFO field, not the phenomena. Delving into the Intelligence Community Regarding UFOs The IC is an encapsulated universe and knowledge is power. Even after intelligence shortfalls of 9/11 were widely reported, the IC, while it has improved on information sharing, still has a long way to go before intelligence integration is complete.

I remember one time visiting his home on the Chesapeake Bay and learning that a day or two prior Colin Powell had been there as well. That is an example of the people who stop by. During one of our numerous UFO discussions we talked about the rumors of a black program based on the Roswell crash. Tom's comment was quite informative. " That is probably an accurate statement. Summary This chapter is important as it describes how over several years my exploits took me to the senior levels of the military, and included briefing the director or deputy director of the CIA, DIA, NSA, plus many other officials in various agencies, industries, and government science boards.

At that point in time the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, was in full swing and UFO inquiries proliferated. It was stated by government administrators tasked with responding that the congressional staffers who wrote the FOIA would never have guessed that so many UFO requests would be filed to the point where they actually clogged the declassification system. To legally avoid answering any UFO FOIA requests, I adopted the term advanced theoretical physics, assuming no one would make the connection and request ATP reports.

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