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By Janis Londraville

A biography of 1 of America's overlooked grand masters.

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A frightened little boy never forgot those hours, and told the story to Marcia Corbino years later: We huddled on luggage and crates that shifted with each crash of a wave. The smell of fear was overpowering. The women were moaning and praying, counting their beads or shrieking in terror. Everyone was convinced that we were going to die. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I climbed the ladder to the deck for some fresh air. The ship was bouncing like a ball on the tremendous waves. I lost my footing on the wet deck and was almost washed overboard by a black wall of water.

In the meantime, the unsuspecting crew guided the Martha Washington past the Azores. As the ship slipped though relatively calm seas, Salvatrice worried about repairing her relationship with her son. When they reached New York, how would he react to a father that had already deserted him twice? The storm deep in the central Atlantic, reaching maximum winds of one hundred miles per hour, now took an odd turn due east during the night of September 5 and headed directly into the path of the Martha Washington.

One pleased me because it was full of colors. Jon is rather nice. ” There is something seductive about the struggling young artist that makes him attractive despite—and perhaps because of—his lack of money. Jon Corbino had plenty of the bad boy in his manner, a quality often irresistible to the opposite sex. They were married in Westport, Connecticut, only a few weeks later, on July 23, 1928. She was twenty-five; Corbino was twenty-three. After paying for their license, they had only a few dollars left and survived (according to stories Corbino told friends) by eating cabbages and other vegetables given to them by a kind farmer.

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