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By Marvin Pritts, Marcia Eames-Sheavly, Craig Cramer

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Honeoye, Cavendish, Kent, Raritan, Redchief, and Scott—good midseason strawberries. 54 • Jewel—the most widely grown variety in the Northeast, it has excellent flavor. It is productive and maintains a large fruit size throughout the season. • Lateglow—a reliable late-season cultivar. All these cultivars are cold hardy, yield well, and produce firm fruit with good freezing quality. Allstar, Cavendish, and Jewel produce exceptionally large fruits. Buying Plants Purchase dormant, virus-indexed plants from a reliable nursery.

Mites. While technically not insects, these tiny pests can bronze or discolor the leaves of many fruit trees. The European red mite and the two-spotted 41 mite are common in the Northeast and thrive in hot, dry weather. Both reside on the undersides of leaves and cause damage by sucking plant juices. Natural enemies usually keep populations low. Harvest For best quality and flavor, allow fruit to ripen on the tree. The best way to tell when they are ripe is to taste them. When they are sweet and full-flavored, they are ready to pick.

The narrow crotch angle and small, upright lateral branch make this a poor scaffold without pruning and spreading. Incorrect pruning (b) does not improve the crotch angle or limb position, and because the limb is near vertical, the cut will stimulate vigorous vegetative growth. The correct procedure (c) spreads the limb to improve the crotch angle and properly positions the scaffold. Remove the lateral because it will be shaded by growth from the main scaffold limb. a b Figure 8. The cultivar Golden Delicious (a) is great for home gardens because its natural growth habit features a welldefined central leader, wideangled crotches, and moderate extension growth, making it easy to prune.

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