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By Chuck Missler

Are we in ownership of messages of extraterrestrial beginning? if that is so, what do they suggest? What do those messages from the sting of eternity portend for the longer term? What has the technological know-how of cryptology published approximately those historical texts? Is our universe itself a "digital message"? Do those messages clarify the period among the miracle of our starting place and the secret of our future? learn the consequences of our finite universe and the stunning discoveries of quantum physics on the very obstacles of fact and study their value to our beginning and private destinies! you are going to develop in pleasure as Chuck Missler information superb hidden messages in the textual content of the Torah that may basically were positioned there through the good writer Himself. He explores the effect of data sciences on our figuring out of historic texts...including microcodes, macrocodes, and metacodes...as good because the hugely arguable "equidistant letter sequences" came upon within the Bible. it is possible for you to to exploit this interesting info to find the hidden messages your self simply because lots of them don't require a working laptop or computer to decipher.

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To pass a plaintext through these transformations is to encipher or encode it, as the case may be. What results is the ciphertext; and the final secret message may also be called a cryptogram. To decipher or decode involves persons legitimately possessing the key or system to reverse the transformations and thus reveal the original message. It contrasts with cryptanalysis, or codebreaking, in which persons who do not possess the key or system—a third party, the “enemy”—attempt to break down or solve the cryptogram.

A second experiment, called Ozma II, was conducted at the same observatory by Benjamin Zuckerman and Patrick Palmer, who intermittently monitored more than 650 nearby stars for about four years, 1973-1976. Despite the lack of any success in these efforts, an intrepid optimism has continued. S. National Academy of Sciences and Akademiiâ nauk SSSR, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Within daily sight of Mount Ararat, on which Noah’s Ark is believed to be beached, they explored their various views on the prospects of encountering extraterrestrial communication.

It will be an entrance to the most engaging adventure conceivable, and you will be challenged to participate personally. It will, however, be of paramount importance to first “blindfold your prejudices” and presuppositions. This could well prove to be the most personally impacting book you have ever read. It might even alter your own personal destiny. It will be helpful to carefully review the Table of Contents, noting the major sections of the book, to maintain an awareness of the overall structure as we begin our adventure.

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