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By Michael Bertiaux

An advent to a fashion of considering, Cosmic Meditation explores the universe from the perspective of the spiritist philosophy. via an easy, yet multi-layered narrative the writer publications the reader on an internal trip of exploration, making connections among the metaphysical and spiritist philosophies. the unique paintings used to be privately revealed and seemed in restricted numbers approximately thirty years in the past. during this re-creation the textual content has been revised, corrected and augmented with a brand new creation and lots of illustrations drawn specially for this variation. restricted to 669 numbered copies. huge eightvo. a hundred pages Tipped-in colour frontispiece & revealed in purple and black. fantastically designed quantity.

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Therefore, the medium is in a sense a mediator between God and mankind in the world. The medium is an instrument of divine presence, and a worker in the world for the ultimate spiritual freedom of mankind. If the results are so wonderful and needed, there would seem to be no excuse for not becoming a medium for the spirits by means of the simple art of meditation. Grasp the spiritual power and serve the needs of mankind! 21 IV The Universal Law ofMind-Power. Everywhere in the universe there are the evidences of the presence of Mind-power.

Many widows and widowers have such deep spiritual attachments to their late spouses. These come and serve as Spirit-Guides, if they have grown enough to function through high-trance and deep meditation. I am not saying that this is easy, and few of our deceased spouses can so function. Often the only spirit in one's home is just a visitor, who can be seen through, perhaps, a temporary clairvoyance. But for you to make contact with a Spirit-Guide, it means that you enter into deep meditation or high trance, whether walking or sleeping, and the Spirit-Guide then communicates with your unconscious or superconscious mind.

This means that we must give our attention to the lesser laws of the universe which make up The Universal Law ofMind-Power. This is an important process of thought because The Universal Latu of Mind-Power is really demonstrated through what we may call the universal principles of thought, or as they are more commonly known: the mental laws of the universe. These laws are pure laws of metaphysical logic, sometimes called God; although the truest name of God is The Absolute, for only The Absolute is beyond and behind all things.

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