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By C. S. Friedman

Not likely allies Damien and Tarrant are confronted with an enemy who may well turn out invulnerable-a demon who has declared warfare on mankind. known as Calesta, he's a grasp of phantasm and devourer of discomfort, and he plans to remake the human species till it exists in simple terms to sate his unquenchable thirst for anguish. The struggle opposed to Calesta will take Damien and Tarrant from the depths of Hell to the birthplace of demons and beyond-in a conflict which can fee them not just their lives, however the very soul of mankind.

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Three The Hunter flew west along the Raksha Valley, following the course of the river Lethe. Westward over Sattin, where they had once booked passage across the Canopy: he and the priest, Senzei Reese, and the lady Ciani. It seemed a century ago. His goals had been so finite then, his self-definition so simple, so clear ... when had it all gotten so muddied? He could feel the weight of his compact on his back as the strong feathered wings drew him closer and closer to home. In Mercia, in one thoughtless act, he had saved a civilization from ruin.

He noticed that her hair had one narrow streak of white in it, falling from a spot just above her left temple. A natural discoloration, or faddish vanity? For some reason he hoped it was the former. She seemed a wholly natural creature, more like the timid nudeer that wandered free on his estate than the painted beauties he usually dated. Though such women had never appealed to him before, this one had him totally captivated. She was paging through the pile of sketches, studying each one in turn.

Glutting themselves on your hatred. There are spirits being born in the shadows all around you, who will feed on man's intolerance forever because that is the force that gave them life. Or have you forgotten that? Have you forgotten that our greatest enemy is not a foreign idol or even a foreign god, but the very force that gives this planet life? " He was aware of a crowd that had gathered inside the door as he spoke, gawkers from outside the building, drawn to his words like moths to a flame.

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