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By James R. Lewis

Over 1/2 U.S. religions have shaped because 1960, however the time period "cult" applies in simple terms to some high-demand spiritual teams. within the Nineteen Nineties, a chain of violent incidents related to replacement non secular teams reactivated the debate within the usa, Europe, and East Asia. High-profile terrorist violence equivalent to the September eleven assaults has brought on curiosity within the factor of faith and violence, which in flip has inspired new paintings at the cult issue.This quantity surveys the cult controversies from the early Seventies to the current. incorporated is an in-depth examine brainwashing and the difficulty of other religions and violence. The critical arguable religions, routine, and members that experience made the headlines also are tested.

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In Lifton’s formulation, an individual’s conversion and commitment to what he refers to as “totalism” involve an interactive process between personal inclinations and ideology. His central term, ideological totalism, is intended “to suggest the coming together of an immoderate ideology with equally immoderate character traits—an extremist meeting ground of people and ideas” (419). ” Additionally, “psychological theme, philosophical rationale and polarized individual tendencies are inter- Emergence of the Contemporary Cult Controversy 23 dependent; they require, rather than directly cause, each other” (422).

The same kind of thing happens with repressed aggressive urges. We live in a society with strict sanctions against overt violence; simultaneously, violence is glorified in the entertainment media. This sets up a cultural contradiction that is projected onto enemies and deviant groups, with the result that minorities are often perceived as violent and belligerent. This accusation is also regularly projected onto nontraditional religions. In particular, the radical actions of a tiny handful of alternative religions are mistakenly taken to indicate a widespread tendency among all such groups.

The short biography incorporated elements of indoctrination often Stereotypes and Public Perceptions of the Cult Issue 41 attributed to “cults”: “While at the facility, Bill is not allowed very much contact with his friends or family and he notices that he is seldom left alone. He also notices that he never seems to be able to talk to the other four people who signed up for the program and that he is continually surrounded by [Moonies, marines, or priests] who make him feel guilty if he questions any of their actions or beliefs” (Pfeifer 1992 ).

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