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By H. Craig Melchert

CUNEIFORM Luvian LEXICON by means of H. Craig Melchert

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Cit. & Melchert, Gs Carter. For azzaštiš as pres. 2nd sg. 10624, but cf. 249ff. The interpretation of adamminzi is not assured. ' Form? at-ta-an: KBo VII 68 iii 7. Acc. sg. of noun? Cf. ātti below?? ' (if real, then noun) ASg [ ]a-at-ta-ni-in: KBo VII 68 iii 8. D-LSg a-at-ta-ni-i: 39 iii 10. Quite doubtful. First example perhaps incomplete. Second could be pres. 2nd pl. 15. 40 ad(a)ri(ya)Pret3Sg 'feed' a-ta-ri-[it-ta]: KBo IX 141 iv 2. ) 2. Imv2Pl a-da-ri-ta-an: IX 31 ii 32. a-ta-ri-ta-an: HT 1 ii 8.

Apazuwalanni 'in obedience' at XXIV 7 iv 51 and Hitt. nom. sg. æapanzuw[a]n[za] 'obedient, loyal' at I 42 i 13 (= Akk. taklu). 236ff. 55 æappašæandaš Form? 4. Cf. prob. [æappašæ]antaš ibid. iii 3. Vo 19. = HLuv. REGIO) há-pa+ra/i-/ha-pa-ti-. 514, deriv. of æapā(i)- 'irrigate, make wet', but "lenited" -t- (> HLuv. -r-) is phonol. regular. 270ff. Milyan noun xbade/i- is a perfect formal match, but meaning cannot be determined. __________________________________________________________________ æapi-/ æapai- 'bind, attach to' Pres1Sg æa-pí-ú-i: KBo VIII 17,8 (+ anda).

Not absolutely assured, but cf. HLuv. iter. asaza- 'idem'. ' GenAdj NSgC ˚a-ša-na-aš-ši-iš: VIII 75 ii 6. ŠÀ. 3. Also in Hitt. gen. sg. ašanāyaš at XXXVIII 12 iv 3 and ašanaiyaš at KBo II 1 i 15. Adj. in -ay(a)- to preceding. ' NSgC a-aš-ša-ni-eš(-)wa-an-te-eš: LV 65 ii 3. Word division and analysis quite unclear. 599. ) GenAdj NSgC aš-ša-at-ta-aš-ši-iš: II 1 iii 4 (modifies DAalaš). = Lyc. ehetehi and Mil. esetesi (also divine epithet). Tentative meaning assumes verbal noun of *āšš- 'remain, abide'.

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