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His thick black hair tickled her flesh. She heard a lapping sound, like water running. No. Like a dog drinking noisily from a bowl. Destiny felt a gentle pain at her throat, softer than the bite of a mosquito. With a sigh, Renz raised his head. What was that dark liquid spilling down his chin? Destiny struggled to think. But the moon shone so brightly—like a harsh spotlight—and the stars danced so giddily, she felt dizzy, sleepy. She couldn’t focus. She liked Renz’s smile, his wide eyes, his 22 forehead gleaming with jewels of sweat.

I’d like to know her,” Fletch chimed in. ” “She’s got a definite dental problem,” Bree added. ” Livvy joked. Bree’s dad was a dentist. When they were in fourth or fifth grade, he did the braces for just about every one of Destiny’s friends. Destiny usually enjoyed the kidding around during Ari’s dreadful horror movies. But as the film started, she suddenly felt strange—a fluttery feeling that began in her stomach and rose up to tighten her throat. She took a long drink of soda, but it didn’t seem to help.

But first we must finish, he told himself. I have drunk deeply. And now it is her turn. I’m here, darling. I know you have waited as long and impatiently as I have. He had searched for Destiny at the last full moon. But to his dismay, she had left camp on a 28 canoeing overnight. He had to wait four long weeks for the full moon to rise again. And now finally, here she was in his arms, ready to take the final step. ” He raised his head abruptly, hearing the snap of a twig on the ground. No. No.

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