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By Mark J. Boda, Carol J. Dempsey, LeAnn Snow Flesher

This quantity showcases contemporary exploration of the portrait of Daughter Zion as she seems to be in biblical Hebrew poetry. utilizing Carleen Mandolfos Daughter Zion Talks again to the Prophets (Society of Biblical Literature, 2007) as some extent of departure, the individuals to this quantity discover clone of Daughter Zion in its many dimensions in numerous texts within the Hebrew Bible. ways used variety from poetic, rhetorical, and linguistic to sociological and ideological. To deliver the dialog complete circle, Carleen Mandolfo engages in a dialogic reaction along with her interlocutors.

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Although Mandolfo has pointed to the appearance of a more varied form,9 several additional points can be made with respect to the rhetorical strategies employed by the poet, the importance of rhetoric in Lamentations, and how interruptions in the context convey meaning. In addition, her study highlights not only a contrary voice, but one whose efficacy stems from the evocation of suffering. Part of what allows the rhetoric of Lady Jeru7. This point has been made previously by Linafelt, Surviving Lamentations, 52; and Kathleen M.

49. Keefe, Woman’s Body, 2. GREEN: COGNITIVE LINGUISTICS 35 Second, what can we see about them that it appears they did not see about themselves? The choices of Jeremiah’s opponents—those with responsibility for maintaining the household—were few, and determined largely by location. 50 Jeremiah’s sense that “heritage Yahwism” must survive in a microclimate of its own, could exist in a little niche amid a Babylonian (or Egyptian or Persian) majority, was not realistic, ultimately. And yet perhaps that is what he did see: the decision to walk to exile was more survivable for Yhwh’s people than the alternatives—to be dragged there or to make an arrangement with Egypt.

21); thief caught (v. 26); rebel, be punished (v. 29); lose way (v. 31); bloodied by poor (v. 34); betrayed by erstwhile allies (v. 36). 26 DAUGHTER ZION: HER PORTRAIT, HER RESPONSE woman were not exploited as they might have been, since rape is not part of marriage. However, once I decided that I had read the language too narrowly, the kaleidoscopic pieces reconfigured. If the gender-specific language (“adultery”) is part of a larger complex of ideas, with charges of false worship being simply one player on a team of images, the focus expands.

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