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Once that is accomplished, the telescope is capable of opening whole new vistas, even for experienced observers. These telescopes are truly changing the way we look at the night sky. 1 Training your eye Learning to see is the most important skill in all visual observing, whether with the sky or in any other aspect of Nature. Noticing what’s happening around you is an important skill to have -- my grandfather taught me to look for the details in Nature -- the flower that grows unexpectedly where one wouldn’t expect it, the tree whose branches soar toward the sky in an unusual way.

2) with south up. Make sure that the finder of your telescope is aligned precisely with the main instrument. 2. Z Ursae Majoris. Circle is 1◦ . Finder chart for Newtonian telescopes. telescope first, then adjust the finder so that it points to the same object. The north-pole-star Polaris is useful for this purpose since it hardly moves as the Earth rotates under it. 9 standard is right in the middle. 6 stars to Z. This will definitely take some time, so be patient! You will use this process, called star hopping, quite a bit in your astronomical career as you search for all kinds of objects.

2 magnitude. 5, and so on for the intermediate stages. Make an observation every clear night and, if you have been fortunate with the weather, compute the period you have seen. I suggest that you begin your observations when the weather is likely to be good over a few days. Once you have observed a variable for a period of time, try drawing a light curve that shows its behavior. With time intervals, usually indicated by Julian day, plotted along the X-axis, and magnitude estimates marked on the Y-axis, you can easily turn a page of numbers into an interesting portrait of the activity of a star.

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