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By Brady Martha

The major to actual studying is capitalizing on teachable moments within the school room. learn how to search for and create those super studying possibilities as you educate your curriculum. This source publications the person in a pleasant type via quite a few devices that deal with criteria, a number of intelligences, and the content material components. Liberally sprinkled with sensible tasks, poetry, track, and review techniques, a grid is integrated on the finish of every unit that demonstrates the interconnectedness of the loads of actions.

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Pay particular attention to how students choose to end the story. Next: Students will use that sequence of events to assist them in the retelling and rewriting of the story in their own words. Then: Students will read the stories to each other. " or journal entries, such as "If I were to find a stray dog, I'd Alternative Assessment: Take a field trip to the local animal shelter. Students will interview workers there and ask questions relating to the humane treatment of animals. Activity 6 Content: Language Arts Lesson: Point of View Standard: Students will write a report that conveys a point of view.

One method will have the children focus on one global shelter, for example, igloos. Thus, the game, board, and fact questions will concentrate only on that one type of dwelling. Another method 44 DEAR TEACHER: 1001 TEACHABLE M0MENT5 FOR K-3 CLASSR00M5 will have the students select four dwellings from four diverse areas. Thus, the game board maps will include all four regions, and the fact cards will include information about the four designated areas. Finally: Students will create the board games and play each other's games.

Activity 8 Content: Language Arts Lesson: Reinforcing Phonetic Skills through Lyric Writing Standards: Students will use phonetic skills to decode words. Students will use word recognition and decoding strategies to comprehend written selections. Students will interpret visual clues that enhance the comprehension of texts. Multiple Intelligence: Musical/Rhythmic: Students will sing a song about cats. Materials: Copy of lyrics, chart paper Grade Level: 2-3 Objective: Students will sing a song and use the lyrics to reinforce appropriate phonetic skills.

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