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By J. Corish (auth.), Alan V. Chadwick, Mario Terenzi (eds.)

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Ffi.... / / b $ / / / / / I ~ / / / c Fi gur e 5 . Defect clus ter models for heavily rare- earth doped CaF2 • The filled circles represent anions, the crossed circles the lanthanide cation, and the open squar es t he vacancies (the cube- corner ions ar e omitted for cl arity). (a) the 21012121 1 (or the " 2:2 :2") cluster; (b) the 210121 311 (or the "gettered 2: 2:2") clusters; (c) the arrangement of lanthanide cations in the cuba-octahedral cluster (the interstitial anions lie above each cube edge).

A later study of La3+ doped SrF 2 did show the expected behaviour (Kirkwood, 1980). Radiotracer studies of 3bcl diffusion in the extrinsic region of M+ doped SrC1 2 were consistent with the expected vacancy mechanism (Saghafian, 1980). A similar study of pure SrC1 2 could not be 42 interpreted in terms of vacancy or interstitialcy mechanisms and it was proposed that an additional mechanism, which only contributed to diffusion and not charge transport, was operative (Beniere et al, 1979). There is extensive information on the impurity-defect complexes in the lightly doped fluorite-structured halides.

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