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By Erin Lynn

Being will be hell-especially when you are neighbors with anyone who used to be born there. Kenzie Sutcliffe awakened to a different general morning-until a demon popped up in her bathe. whereas attempting to cast off a monster zit, she dropped her pimples lotion within the bath. And whilst fifty greenbacks' worthy of it swirled down the drain, it freed a demon from his felony portal. A mysteriously geeky-looking demon. So now Kenzie is saddled with a creature who appears to be like and acts like any different man she knows-that is, tense. not less than Levi has a job-if you could name it that. He has to fan the flames of envy and jealousy in people, or he starves. All he is tempting Kenzie to do is to move slowly again into her bed room and conceal there without end. simply because nobody goes to be coveting her lifestyles after this.

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Zoe fought me instead, pushing her hands in my face, and 25 ERIN LYNN I half fell over her on the couch, my knee clipping the coffee table. Brat. And here I was busting my behind to save her. Levi put his hand on the back of my black T-shirt and hauled me to a standing position. “Not demons. ” I was breathing hard, and I tucked back my hair, tugging my shirt down over my bare stomach. ” Levi put his feet on the coffee table. ” And since he wasn’t leaving, and I wasn’t leaving without Zoe, who wasn’t leaving without a fight, it looked like we were all staying.

But I had to secretly admit, I thought he was just a tiny bit funny when he wasn’t being annoying. “My mom’s going to kill me,” I said when I went to answer the doorbell. ” “It will be fine. We’ll be back before she even gets home,” Levi answered, running his hand through his shaggy hair. ” Zoe was entranced by prancing ponies on the TV and didn’t look worried that we were leaving her with my best friend, Isabella. I opened the door and Isabella sashayed in. Isabella doesn’t walk—she sashays, prances, bounces, floats.

His sweatshirt and jeans looked soft and faded, like they’d been around the block nine hundred times. I winced at the thought that they hadn’t been washed in six months. If denial of bathing privileges was a form of psychological torture, I’d better toe the line. I couldn’t imagine the impact not washing my hair daily would have on my mental health. ” he said. ” I was really trying to ignore that little fact. 32 DEMON ENVY “Yes. I need to be here until we’re sure it’s closed. ” “Oh, geez. ” I rubbed my temples.

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