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By Sarah Rees Brennan

Mae has continually considered herself as up to the mark, yet within the previous few weeks her lifestyles has noticeably replaced. She’s realized that her brother Jamie has magical powers—and Gerald, the recent chief of the Obsidian Circle, is attempting to cajole Jamie to hitch the magicians. Even worse…Jamie hasn’t instructed Mae a specific thing approximately any of it.Mae turns to brothers Nick and Alan to assist her rescue Jamie, yet they're at risk from Gerald themselves simply because he desires to thieve Nick’s powers. Will Mae have the capacity to have the opportunity to avoid wasting all of them from the power-hungry magician’s devious capture?

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She gave him a small smile. “Look,” she said. “If you bother my brother again, well … maybe they’ll find your body one day. When exploring deep space. ” Seb laughed a little nervously and took a step backward and away from her. “And I’m not going to date anyone who behaved the way you did,” Mae went on. “But—you were nice to me when I was having a tough time, and you’ve had a much worse time of it than I have. I’ll still be your friend. And I’ll see. ” Seb gave her that smile, beaming like a child.

It didn’t matter that Nick had never cared. Mae had been interested when she’d thought he was a gorgeous guy whose strangeness she’d put down to the effects of living on the run from magicians. She wasn’t still interested now that she knew he was a demon, put into the body of a baby by the Obsidian Circle magicians and raised human, but a demon all the same; something otherworldly that preyed on her kind. It would be impossible. She tore her gaze away from Nick, dark and silent at the window, to the friendly face of the guy who’d raised a demon and set him loose on the world.

Who gave that to you? Or should I be asking what you did to get it? Mae’s been telling us all about the company you’re keeping these days. Maybe I should have saved myself some bother and let the magicians cut your throat when I had the chance. ” Jamie tried to speak and had to clear his throat before he could. “I know. And I’m not—” “Don’t lie to me,” Nick snarled. ” Nick took a step forward, just slowly enough for Jamie to take a step away. His back slammed up against the door, and Nick had him trapped.

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