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By Jean-Philippe Stassen

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Half of that sentence was a lie. Gibson didn’t have much stuff, and what he did had already been shoved into the backpack he carried with. ” the Super said, and scooted to one side on its treads, letting Gibson past it to the elevator bank. Gibson stepped in to a waiting elevator, punched three, and rode to his floor. When the door opened, he trudged down the hall from the elevator to his unit, opened the door with his keycard, and was asleep by the time his head hit the pillow. * * * The next morning, Gibson woke reluctantly.

Gone crazy? Can a robot go crazy? But the other tenants seemed to get the idea when Super, still brandishing his saw hand, began chasing Gibson down the hallway. ” Super called. He didn’t turn to look back, didn’t dare slow down. He could hear the motor beneath Super’s bell-skirt whirring behind him, and imagined he could feel air being pushed against his neck by Super’s circular saw. He kept running, heading for the set of stairs at the far end of the hallway. Behind him, the other residents gawked at the display before them, but most had the good sense to retreat back into their units.

He just didn’t want to have to deal with the fucking machine. It wasn’t that Gibson had any inherent mistrust of automatons. True, there were those that blamed the lack of jobs on the fact that a lot of the unskilled labor had been taken over by the automatons, which could work longer shifts, and didn’t need to be paid over the long term. But it hadn’t been a machine that had gotten Gibson fired from his sys-admin job. An automaton wouldn’t fire an employee because its secretary refused its sexual advances, and claimed a (non-existent) romantic relationship with a co-worker as cover.

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