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By Rudy Lauwereins, Jan Madsen

In 2007 The layout, Automation and attempt in Europe (DATE) convention celebrated its 10th anniversary. As a tribute to the chip and system-level layout and layout expertise group, this e-book provides a compilation of the 3 such a lot influential papers of every 12 months. this gives an exceptional historic review of the evolution of a site that contributed considerably to the expansion and competitiveness of the circuit electronics and platforms undefined.

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As shown in Fig. 1, EXPRESSION facilitates the automatic generation of an optimizing compiler and simulator. The retargetable compiler exploits the parallelism and pipelining available, while the simulator provides accurate timing and utilization information. Furthermore, since the description of complex processors is cumber-some and error-prone, EXPRESSION provides the ability to perform consistency checking and verification of the input specification. 3 Related Work Traditionally, ADLs have been classified into two categories depending on whether they primarily capture the Instruction-Set (IS) or the structure of the processor.

Increase of δmax over δM (%) guaranteed in theory. According to our scheduling strategy δmax will be worse than δM if the schedule corresponding to an initially faster path is disturbed at adjustment or conflict handling so that its delay becomes larger than δM. For evaluation of the schedule merging algorithm we used 1080 conditional process graphs generated for experimental purpose. 360 graphs have been generated for each dimension of 60, 80, and 120 nodes. The number of alternative paths through the graphs is 10, 12, 18, 24, or 32.

MIMOLA descriptions are generally very low-level, and laborious to write. It is not clear how they generate a cycle-accurate simulator using the MIMOLA description. Recently, languages which capture both the structure and the behavior of the processor, as well as detailed pipeline information (typically specified using Reservation EXPRESSION: A Language for Architecture Exploration 35 Tables) have been proposed. LISA [7] is one such ADL whose main characteristic is the operation-level description of the pipeline.

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