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Investment is then made in the purchase of two different sorts of commodities, the means of production (MOP) and labor power (LP). n'i of production in a production process (P), the result of which is a new sort of commodity (C1 ). With luck the pro26 duced commodity is then sold for an amount of money that exceeds the initial invesnnent (M1 ). When this occurs the circuit of capital has been completed. Capital has been accumulated and. can now be reinvested, beginning the circuit anew. ) Finally, the universal, capital, progresses through the particular moments of its circuits only through the actions of individual men and women acting as investors, wage laborers, consumers, and so forth.

Fis the negative power through which and in which the gods, as also their moments, viz. existent Narure and the thoughts of their specific characters, vanish. At the same time the individual self is not the emptiness of this disappearance but, on the contrary, presetves itself in this very nothingness, abides with itself and is the sole actuality. rness, something altogether sep:m:tte from consciousness and alien to it .... What thls self-consciomness beholds is that whatever assumes the form of essentiality over against it, is instead dissolved in it - in its thinking, it existence, and its action - and is at its · mercy.

Overcom-ing Illusions One of the major illusions Marx fought was the belief that generalized commodity production is. '' A logicohistorical theory that traced a sequence of stages in which the essential features of commodity production arose could dispel that illusion. But so could a 42 systematic methodology like that presented in the Grundrisse, where it is explicitly acknowledged that the categories to be systematically reconstructed are historically specific. Regarding this illusion, then, the two approaches are comparable.

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