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By J.Derrick McClure

The dialect of North-East Scotland, some of the most specified and most sensible preserved within the state, survives as either a proudly maintained mark of neighborhood identification and the motor vehicle for a amazing local literature. the current examine, after putting the dialect in its historic, geographical and social context, discusses in a few element a range of past debts of its precise features of phonology and grammar, exhibiting that its shibboleths were good regarded, and feature remained constant, over a protracted interval. Passages of recorded speech are then tested, with wide use of phonetic transcription. ultimately, a consultant choice of written texts, courting from the eighteenth century to the current and illustrating a wide selection of kinds and genres, are provided with particular annotations. an entire thesaurus can be integrated. This learn sincerely demonstrates either the distinctiveness of the dialect and the richness of the neighborhood tradition of which it truly is an essential component.

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An unequivocal [i]. Mid-front-narrow, “as the vowel in German leer”. Keywords: aits (oats), rain, tae (toe). This is a fully peripheral [e], marginally higher than the IPA cardinal. Assuming (as we surely may do) the reliability of Mutschmann’s informants and the accuracy of his perceptions and his descriptions, this gives a set of twelve phonetically-distinct vowels. Applying the principle of phonemic analysis, this could be reduced to a phonological system of ten, since Mutschmann’s mid-mixed-narrow, high-mixed-wide lowered and high-frontwide lowered, on his showing, appear to be in complementary distribution: the second being the primary form, the first appearing before [r] and the third before a velar nasal or plosive.

An they mairiet weemen belangin tae the quintry o Moab, the name o the teen wes Orpah, an the name o the tither wes Ruth. An they dwalt there near about ten ear. nu⍧ t ᭢ѩpђnt ᳳ ᾩ de⍧z fᳳn ᾩ dЋ‫گ‬udЋz ru⍧ђlt t ᾩr wᳳz ђ fe⍧mn ᳳ ᾩ lѩ⍧n. ᳳn ᾩr wᳳz ђ mѩn bilѩ֊n tᳳ bϯ‫ׯ‬lm dЋu⍧de ցjed tᳳ bђid ђ fђil ᳳ ᾩ kw‫گ‬ntre ђ mo⍧b heim ᳳn ᳳz wђif ᳳn ᳳz twϪ⍧ se⍧nz. ᳳn ᾩ mѩnz nem wᳳz ϯl‫گ‬mlk ᳳn ᾩe kϪ⍧d ᳳz wђif nϯo⍧m‫گ‬ ᳳn ᾩ twϪ⍧ lѩd‫گ‬z me⍧ln ᳳn kil‫گ‬n e⍧fr‫ׯ‬ђits f‫ گ‬bϯ‫ׯ‬lm dЋu⍧de. ᳳn ᾩe kѩm ntђl ᾩ kw‫گ‬ntre ђ mo⍧b ᳳn bed ᾩe⍧r.

These are written in an alphabetic system of his own devising, expounded in the course of the dissertation. It contains forty-two symbols: Roman letters in their simple forms and modified by accent marks, and a selection of digraphs and trigraphs. A passage from Virgil is translated into a representation of Edinburgh dialect; by contrast, the First Idillion of Theocritus is rendered in “the Buchan dialect (which may be called the Scottish Doric)”. This classical term is now the accepted local name for the dialect, though most of the people who use it in this sense are wholly unaware of its Greek origin; and it is attested for what appears to be the first time here.

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