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By Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher's Dresden documents novels were in comparison to Harry Potter with an grownup tone and perspective. Now, in his first hardcover experience, Harry Dresden needs to shop Chicago from black magic and necromancy-all in a day's paintings for the city's basically specialist wizard.

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She wanted to deal. I stared down at the pictures. She wanted to deal, and she was going to be negotiating from a position of strength. It meant blackmail. And if I didn't play along, Murphy was as good as dead. Chapter Two The dog and I went to my grave. Graceland Cemetery is famous. You can look it up in just about any Chicago tour book—or God knows, probably on the Internet. It's the largest cemetery in town, and one of the oldest. There are walls, substantial ones, all the way around, and it has far more than its share of ghost stories and attendant shades.

It took me a while, and that hideous void-presence lingered against my fingernails, even after I could feel my fingers again, but after a little while I was able to sit up. After that I just curled up my knees against my chest, shocked and scared half out of my mind. I had always known that Bob was an incredibly valuable asset, and that no spirit with as much knowledge as he had could be weak. But I had not been at all prepared for the sheer power he had wielded, or for the malice with which he did it.

Something in her manner had changed, and it was setting off all my alarm bells. "Find The Word of Kemmler," she said. Then she turned, dark skirts flaring, one hand resting negligently upon her sword, and started to leave. " I choked. " "That's it," she said without turning. " I said. She paused. " I asked. " "Yes. Alone. " I took in a slow breath. " Mavra silently lifted a single arm. There was a photo between two of her desiccated fingers, and even in the moonlight I could see that it was of Murphy.

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