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In his preface, Niels Peter L.emche recognizes the lengthy checklist of current histories of Israel and Israelite faith yet states that his paintings is required as a substitute method of the conventional rationalistic paraphrase of the biblical model of heritage and its faith, which permeates so much different volumes. He correctly provides discover that the quantity is meant to be an advent to a renewed debate, instead of as a definitive synthesis. on account that he starts off with the conventional reviews on geography and demography, and comprises not just a reconstruction of Israelite heritage from ca. 1350 to 331 B.C. but in addition a reconstruction of Israelite faith and the emergence of Judaism in an insignificant 246 pages, the discerning reader might be capable of expect the intensity of assurance of the said subject matters ahead of starting the book.
Although no longer indicated anyplace in print, the quantity is a translation of an unique Danish paintings written as an introductory textual content for use on the highschool point. This history info must have been integrated within the foreword since it may have helped the scholarly viewers comprehend the book's structure. it's a well known presentation and so lacks the broad footnotes and documentation that one could anticipate. from time to time, Lemche oversimplifies stances on a variety of concerns and occasionally fails to explain his traces of argumentation in complete, making his issues tough to persist with for the amateur or the veteran, yet, often, the ebook calls for little attempt to peruse and is fascinating interpreting. there's a brief advisor to suitable literature within the appendix to guide a starting reader to newer works usually parts, however it doesn't attempt to contain the seminal discussions of all viewpoints on matters raised. end result of the unique meant readership, Lemche has no longer deemed it very important to point the place he's proposing new rules or the place he's becoming a member of an present minority or majority place. which a few will absolutely locate stressful; the booklet will be subtitled "Israelite historical past and faith in accordance with Lemche.”

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Gottwald describes more closely his sociological method in the same article; this consists of the comparison of entire social systems, rather than just selected portions of societies. This means that Israelite society is to be analyzed in conjunction with a comparison with other entire comparable systems"". Gottwald himself admits the difficulties attendant on this procedure, since, as is well known, we have only a fragmentary knowledge ofIsraelite society. For this reason Gottwald maintains that we are reduced to proposing a "heuristic" model of the entire Israelite system, in order subsequently to test this model on the basis of the sources, be they written or archeological81 • By way of conclusion, it is to be emphasized that, like Mendenhall, Gottwald, too, has arrived at his revolution hypothesis on the basis of an understanding of the beginnings of Israel that is wholly traditional82 • The tendency of his earlier review ofIsrael's earliest history was characterized by a slight slant towards Alt's understanding of the immigration, in which the general idea was to retain as much of the or's own self-understanding as possible (although he verged on surrendering the actual concept of a Conquest)83.

Gottwald 1959:166 . • 7 Weippert 1967:59ff. "" Dus 1971. 69 Dus reduces Moses to an eponymic figure for the priests serving at the bull sanctuary in Dan (1971:30). 90 Jos 24 and Exod 19-24 are doublets, according to Dus. REVOLUTION AS ALTERNATIVE 23 Palestine, but they had been encouraged by the Canaanite petits rois - and, possibly, by the Egyptians - to settle in Palestine, where they were accorded land for cultivation. Which is to say, the Israelite immigration was peaceful from its inception.

If one declines to be confused by the many different tenns and instead realizes that the entire spectrum of defmitions may be subsumed under the heading of "cultural science" (allgemeine Kultutwissenschaft: also called "the anthropological sciences"), then the various tenns will have no practical significance for the results which emerge from culturalscientific research. '" Both Gottwald and Mendenhall seem to be convinced that the introduction of the monarchy signified the end of a lengthy socio-political evolution within Palestine; they also hold that this evolution was also a return to conditions which once obtained before the "Hebrew revolution".

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