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By Vivian E. Robson

Ever want you had picked a greater time to begin that new undertaking? allow Electional Astrology support. during this publication are the vintage ideas for selecting the easiest time to begin all demeanour of items, from the trivial (bathing, slicing hair), to the real (marriage, beginning a enterprise) and pretty well every thing in-between: taking a visit, becoming a member of the military, planting & sowing, and lots more and plenty extra additionally incorporated is a whole dialogue of lunar mansions & planetary hours, serious timing components which are frequently missed. This is still the single accomplished, sleek publication each written on elections. It has lengthy been a vintage. in regards to the writer Vivian Erwood Robson, 1890-1942, was once a librarian by way of alternate. Like many librarians, he had a traditional bent for learn, and, in his specific case, astrology. He studied historic authors heavily, together with William Ramesey, William Lilly, and Ptolemy. His books on electional astrology, fastened stars, and relationships, are twentieth century classics.

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For furniture the best sign is Libra, with good aspects from Venus and Jupiter. Household Work When washing, the Moon should be in a watery sign, particularly Cancer, well aspected by Venus or Jupiter. Afflictions from Saturn should be avoided, for they cause the articles to become dirty very quickly. When cleaning, a favourable aspect from Saturn is helpful for it tends to produce thoroughness; while a good aspect from Mars adds energy. The Moon is best in an earthy sign if brooms, brushes, and dusters are being used, and airy signs should be avoided.

I am inclined to think that it arose through hasty or careless study of the early writers on Electional Astrology, or through confusion over the signs of long and short ascension. In either buying or selling it is important to keep the Moon and Mercury free from the conjunction or any aspect of Mars, for that always hinders the business and causes discord and wrangling. Some authors add that Cauda exercises the same effect. If the Moon is passing from the first quarter to the full, it is best for selling; while if from the full to the last quarter it is best for buying.

For Building Factories and Works Place the Moon in Aries in the ascendant, or in Libra or the latter part of Virgo, and in favourable aspect to the lord of the ascendant, which should also be in one of these signs. Keep the Moon free from affliction by the malefics, and if possible in favourable aspect with the planet ruling the work to be carried on in the factory. In any case this planet should be unafflicted and placed in a strong position. The most unfavourable signs for the Moon are Cancer and Capricorn.

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