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By Hermes Trismegistus

And issues were from this primal substance via a unmarried act. How very good is that this paintings! it's the major (principle) of the area and is its maintainer.

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The First of the Divine Conceptions called the Sephiroth is Kether or the Crown. The First Category of the Spirits is that of Chaioth Ha-Qadesh or the Intelligences of the Divine Tetragram, whose Letters are symbolized by the Mysterious Animals in the Prophecy of Ezekiel. Their empire is that of unity and synthesis. They correspond to the Intelligence. They have for adversaries the Thamiel or Double-Headed Ones, the Demons of revolt and of anarchy, whose two Chiefs, ever at war with each other, are Satan and Moloch.

Page 120 Book Two Chapter XXII. Concerning Sacrifices To The Spirits, And How They Should Be Made. In many operations it is necessary to make some sort of sacrifice unto the Demons, and in various ways. Sometimes white animals are sacrificed to the good Spirits and black to the evil. Such sacrifices consist of the blood and sometimes of the flesh. They who sacrifice animals, of whatsoever kind they be, should select those which are virgin, as being more agreeable unto the Spirits, and rendering them more obedient.

But it must be understood that we here employ the word Heaven in the Mystical sense which we give it in opposing to it the word Hell. In order to evoke Phantoms it is sufficient to intoxicate oneself or to render oneself mad; for Phantoms are ever the companions of drunkenness and of vertigo. The Phosphorus of the imagination, abandoned to all the caprices of over-excited and diseased nerves, fills itself with Monsters and absurd visions. We can also arrive at hallucination by mingling together wakefulness and sleep by the graduated use of narcotics; but such actions are crimes against nature.

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