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By Anne Fitzpatrick-Mckinley

Historic close to jap empires, together with Assyria, Babylon and Persia, usually authorized neighborhood rulers to stay in energy. the jobs of the indigenous elites mirrored within the Nehemiah Memoir might be in comparison to these encountered in different places. Nehemiah used to be an imperial appointee, most likely of a military/administrative historical past, whose project was once to set up a birta in Jerusalem, thereby proscribing the facility of neighborhood elites. As a devoted servant of Persia, Nehemiah delivered to his project a specific amount of ethnic/cultic colouring obvious in yes points of his actions in Jerusalem, particularly in his use of Mosaic authority (but no longer of particular Mosaic laws). Nehemiah appealed to old Jerusalemite traditions to be able to dispose of competition to him from strong neighborhood elite networks.

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Thus, as a result of the necessity to continue the growth of the economy in Phoenicia, whenever the Assyrians were forced to remove a rebellious Phoenician king, they tended to replace him with another Phoenician king and subsequently, new treaty relations were established. Absolute practice of conquest or suppression of local elites would prevent the Assyrians and later the Achaemenids from exploiting the Phoenician trade, and it is easy to see how these conditions facilitated all kinds of political intrigue and increased competitiveness between elites, both local and imperial.

46 Barjamovic, “Civil Institutions,” 54–55. 47 Barjamovic, op. , 55–94. According to Barjamovic these bodies made decisions, defined city policy and legislated for the city. 48 See further below, chapters five and six. Nehemiah 3:7ff. 49 Imperial Rule and Opportunities for Indigenous Elites If from the imperial side, the continuation of rule by indigenous elites was beneficial, in so far as it sustained and potentially expanded the established economy, (including in particular trade which was rooted in long-established personal relationships and networks), what were the benefits to the indigenous elites?

For detailed discussion see E. Gruen, “Fact and Fiction: Jewish Legends in a Hellenistic Context,” 72–104 in Hellenistic Constructs: Essays in Culture, History and Historiography. Edited by P. Cartledge, P. Garnsey and E. Gruen (Berkeley: University of California, 1997). This linking of subjects to cultures of the imperial overlords became more common in the Hellenistic period; for discussion see Gruen, op. , 79–104. We have already seen of course how empires can use the cultural language of their subjects to establish “natural” ties between their imperial rule and national dynasties which preceded it (for example, the claim by the Ptolemaic kings in Egypt that they were descended from Amun).

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