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Average on one hour. 2. Annual average. 3. Protection of ecosystems. 4. Alert level to inform population. 5. Alert level. 6. Average on 8 hours. Source: STATEC, Luxembourg. MEASURES ENVISAGED IN THE NATIONAL PLAN FOR A SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT The 1998 National Plan for a Sustainable Development sets CO2 emission targets at sectoral levels. This plan has been discussed by the government and is currently under revision. In addition to the measures related to energy 45 efficiency, and in particular to the introduction of an energy tax, the other main measures which are envisaged in the plan are: ● To implement no regret policies that are cost-effective and to rely on flexible mechanisms.

61 Germany. The new pipeline runs from Mittelbrunn in Germany to Leudelange in Luxembourg, with a 28 km extension especially built from Remich in Luxembourg to Leudelange. In Germany this pipeline can be connected to Megal which is used to transport gas from Russia. The new gas pipeline has a capacity of 300 thousand cubic metres per hour, well above the capacity necessary to transport the existing contracted gas, to be able to transport increased gas quantities in the future. There are four entry points to the gas network: from Bras in Belgium and Petange in Luxembourg close to the Belgium border, from Audun in France and from Remich in Germany.

In particular, it should be an important component of the national climate change strategy, now under preparation. The government needs to intensify its efforts to assess the cost-benefit of the measures to improve energy efficiency and to monitor the effects of policy measures to improve their functioning. In the context of assessing the cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency measures, a comparison with cost-benefits of renewable energy promotion policies would also be required at a time when certain renewable energies benefit from strong support with environmental impacts that could be quite limited.

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