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So Fine a Prospect: Historic New England Gardens

Oh, the relaxation, the pride i've got had in my backyard, an octogenarian grande dame of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, remembers in an 1888 memoir. Alan Emmet s glimpse into greater than dozen gardens that graced New England s cities and geographical region from simply after the yankee Revolution into the 20 th century has delights of its personal.

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Aggregate (raspberry), c. drupe (cherry), d. accessory (strawberry), e. multiple (mulberry),/, berry (tomato) Accessory. " Example: strawberry. Multiple. Formed from several flowers borne along a short axis. Examples: mulberry and pineapple. Berry. A many-seeded fruit in which the seeds are embedded in pulp. Examples: tomato and grape. The Plant Cell: Structure and Function The plant cell is the unit of structure in plants. Some primitive plants may consist of a single cell or a chain of cells.

Not only are weeds unsightly but they also reduce yields by robbing crop plants of essential water and plant nutrients. Frequent cultivation is the best control for weeds in the home garden. Some of the preemergence weed killers can be safely used to kill annual weeds that come up after the crop plant is well established. Read instructions on the package to be sure that the weed killer is safe to use around the plants you are growing. Lawn weeds like dandelions can be safely killed by using selective weed killers.

Plants of most flowers and vegetables can be grown in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Seeds should not be started too early or plants will be tall and leggy. Knowing when each kind of plant can safely be planted outdoors in your area is essential to success in growing plants. The most common problem when growing plants is lack of light. Unless you have a greenhouse or ample sunny windows, fluorescent light in the basement provides the answer to the light problem. "Damping off" of seedlings, another problem when growing plants, is caused by soil fungi and can be transmitted on dirty containers.

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