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By Bruce Campbell

Okay, so not less than you are adequate to choose up this publication and glance inside of. i feel you and that i are going to get alongside simply wonderful.

Life is stuffed with offerings. without delay, yours is whether to shop for the autobiography of a mid-grade, form of hammy actor.

Am I imagined to be aware of this guy? you're thinking that to yourself.

No, and that is precisely the element. Bookstores are chock jam-packed with family identify actors and their excessive stakes shenanigans. i do not are looking to be a spoilsport, yet we now have all been down that street earlier than.

Case in aspect: glance in your left - see that Judy Garland booklet? you do not need that, you recognize lots approximately her already - nice voice, crappy lifestyles. Now glance for your correct on the Charlton Heston booklet. you don't want to cough up genuinely-earned dough for that both. you recognize his tale too - nice voice, crappy toupee.

The fact is that even though it's possible you'll now not have a clue who i'm, there are numerous operating stiffs like me in the market, grinding away each day on the wheel of fortune.

If Chins might Kill: Confessions of a B motion picture Actor is my first ebook, and that i invite you to experience with me throughout the uneven waters of blue collar Hollywood.

Okay, so purchase the damned e-book already and skim just like the wind!

Bruce Campbell

P.S. If the publication sucks, no less than there are gobs of images, and they are now not stuffed within the heart like any these different actor books.

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If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor An Autobiography

Ok, so not less than you are sufficient to select up this publication and glance within. i feel you and that i are going to get alongside simply fantastic. existence is filled with offerings. immediately, yours is whether to shop for the autobiography of a mid-grade, type of hammy actor. Am I speculated to recognize this man? you're thinking that to your self.

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Barry: Who? Sam Raimi: Not Who. The question is... "! Ivan Raimi: I like it. It's good! Barry, let's do it! Barry: Well, it's really interesting... but the task at hand is the introduction to If Chins Could Kill. Sam Raimi: I see. And who, may I ask, is going to read this book? His illiterate fans? Barry, people get the wrong idea sometimes. See, Bruce is like a puppet. My puppet. I pull a string, he smiles. I pull another, and he runs through the woods and hits his head against the tree. And that's it.

Doing the TV Shuffle 43. "X" Marks the Spot 44. Quest for the Holy Grail 45. The Higher the Budget, the Lower the Part 46. Messin' with the Myth 47. Suiting Up 48. Leather and Mace 49. Xena: Warrior Spin-Off 50. Full Circle 51. What You Don't See Is What You Get Addendum: Chins Across America, The Tour Acknowledgments Photo Credits FOREWORD BY IVAN AND SAM RAIMI EDITOR'S NOTE by Barry Neville As an editor at St. Martin's Press, it is my responsibility to hire the author, edit the text and arrange for the book's introduction as based on the author's wishes.

Not so in this case, for the worthy progenitor of our race, first to cross the Atlantic Ocean, with whom, for lack of earlier information, our genealogy must begin, was a man of lowly origin and humble occupation... -- Great-grandfather Hugh Campbell in 1906 So, another actor writes a book about their glamorous, whirlwind life. Personally, as an ex-Detroiter, that crap bores me to tears. I've always been more interested in the working stiffs of Hollywood, ninety-nine percent of whom are overlooked in those phony "tell-all" books.

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