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By Joshua Trachtenberg

2013 Reprint of 1939 variation. certain facsimile of the unique variation, now not reproduced with Optical popularity software program. within the historical past of what has turn into referred to as ceremonial magic is medieval Jewish magic. In flip this used to be in accordance with the Kabbalah, the Jewish traditions often called Haggadah, and different esoteric ideals. this can be a finished assessment of Jewish magic from the tenth to the fifteenth century, together with a wealthy lode of folklore. Many recognized Jewish traditions are defined, corresponding to why a tumbler is damaged at a marriage, and the way the expression mazel tov is said to a trust in Astrology. Trachtenberg offers widely with Golems, Succubi, the Lillim, (from Lilith--Adam's first wife), and different magical creatures, a few popular reminiscent of werewolves, and others now not so good, corresponding to estrie, mare and broxa. There are certain descriptions of talismans, amulets, charms, and different curious magical items. There are chapters facing dream interpretation, clinical ideals, necromancy, and different kinds of divination. there's additionally a quick thesaurus, so while you're having difficulty telling the variation among a Kaddish and a Kiddush, you are in good fortune. the writer, Joshua Trachtenberg (b. 1904, d. 1959) used to be a reform rabbi at the east coast of the united states. this is often an elaboration of his Columbia college Ph.D. thesis. Trachtenberg's appreciation of the position of folk-magic in Jewish tradition is critical for the research of Judaism, and likewise the roots of contemporary Pagan ideals and practices.

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People want to belie\~c,so they simply ignore their suspicions that magic may all be cicceptioil and fraud. j6 In many crucial arcas and in many critical situatio~isof lifc, cicception is the only method that really works. As the Koman aphorism s ~ v n it s up, "Mundus vult decipi, ergo dccipiatur" ("The world wishes to be deceived, and so it may be deceived"). To an immeasurabk exzcnt, people's lives c a r v on by \\,hat they decide they want to bclic\re rather than by what they should believe or even know, by what appears to be real rathcr than by \+,hatis really real, by props and by fads, and by gobbledygook of this kind today and that kind tomorrow.

18. See note 9 abve. 19. GGA, 56. Stiick, den 9. April 1831, pp. 545-54. Miillcr remarks (p. 547): "Es gibt wohl keine Urkundc. die es so dcutlich machte. wie die Maeic. vor - , diese Seuche der Ge~stcr. " 20. Leemans's edition was based upon Reuvcns's manuscript. 13. 21. C. Lccmans, Papytigmeci m u e i antiyuarii publin Lugduni-Batavi. R g i s augwtissimi jwrr* edidit, interpuetationem latinam, annotatwnem, indicem et tabula addidit C. , 2 vols. (Lugdumi Batavorum: Brill, 1843,1885). On Leemans, see L'E&tolugne Conrde Leemans ason corverpondence.

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