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By Duncan Brewer

Examines the actual features and stipulations of Jupiter, describing its place on the subject of the solar and different planets and surveying humanity's makes an attempt to penetrate its mysteries.

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At its most extended, it reaches 100 Jupiter-radii toward the Sun. " This constant stream of particles, mainly electrons and protons, emanates from the Sun. Its intensity varies according to the level of magnetic storm activity on the Sun, which follows an eleven-year cycle. The magnetosphere is invisible to our eyes. If we Earth's is could see it, it would appear as a huge envelope completely dwarfing Jupiter. From Earth, Jupiter's magnetosphere would look as large as the Sun. 31 M ± r' yc Vl^-: tK^^ r,- y /jk•is x^^;v.

Three large, white ovals, each the size of Mars, have been observed south of the Great Red Spot for at least fifty years. These white ovals appeared in 1939, when each was almost 65,000 miles (100,000 kilometers) long. Since then, they have shrunk to around a tenth of that size. Radio Jupiter the 1950s, American astronomers, working on a radio frequency map of the sky, by chance detected radio waves emanating from Jupiter. Further investigations with radio telescopes established that the planet was the source of varying types of radio waves.

CENTRIFUGAL FORCE The force exerted outward from the radius of a spinning body. CURRENT SHEET A flattened disk of charged particles rotating approximately the plane of Jupiter's magnetic equator. DECAMETRIC RADIATION Radio emissions from Jupiter which occur in irregular bursts at wavelengths of more than 25 feet (7-5 meters). DECIMETRIC RADIATION An even, continuous radio emission from Jupiter at wavelengths between 2 inches (5 centimeters) and 10 feet (3 meters). DIFFERENTIATION Process early in a planet's formation by which the denser elements, often metallic, sink to form a core, while lighter material forms the outer layers.

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