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By Louis W. Busse (auth.), Leslie Z. Benet, Gerhard Levy, Bobbe L. Ferraiolo (eds.)

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As I look back now at my own scientific career and the evolution of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics in American pharmacy, I see that they were closely linked to SK&F's decision in the early '50s to use the principle of sustained drug release from oral dosage forms as a means of developing and marketing new and better products. The expectation was that numerous oral products could be made for once-in-the-morning and once-in-the-evening administration, and that this was a convenience factor for the patient that would result in better patient compliance.

He persuaded the Geheimrat of Pathology to recognize the importance of this new laboratory discipline and he coped with the administrative details required to insure effective laboratory function. He and Jere Goyan, along with others, promoted the development of pharmacy stations in the hospital to allow pharmacists to understand the real clinical problems that existed, and to help them apply their knowledge in a collaboration with physicians making therapeutic decisions that involved actual patients.

Yet Sid was not about to drive something through by force; rather, his interest was to stimulate cooperation by leadership. So, you may ask, what did he do to help create an interface then barely nascent between medicine and pharmacokinetics? First and foremost, Sid helped create a new atmosphere in clinical pharmacology at the University of California. He believed in the discipline, committed his space and facilities to it, and began a recruitment process that was sure to augment it greatly. He helped solidify the commitment made by the school to Malcolm Rowland; he recruited Les Benet, Wolfgang Sad~e and others, and he intrigued people such as Lew Sheiner by helping him to apply kinetics appropriately to individualize the therapeutic decision process.

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