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By David Kaplan, W. Wade Adams, Barry Farmer, Christopher Viney

content material: Silk : biology, constitution, homes, and genetics / David Kaplan, W. Wade Adams, Barry Farmer, and Christopher Viney --
normal houses of a few spider silks / Fritz Vollrath --
Silk glands of araneid spiders : chosen morphological and physiological elements / Edward okay. Tillinghast and Mark A. Townley --
Molecular map for the silkworm : developing new hyperlinks among uncomplicated and utilized learn / Marian R. Goldsmith and Jinrui Shi --
value of special silk proteins to the ecological and evolutionary variety of araneid spiders / Catherine L. Craig --
preliminary characterization of Nephila clavipes dragline protein / C.M. Mello, okay. Senecal, B. Yeung, P. Vouros, and David Kaplan --
Silk and silk proteins from aquatic bugs / Steven T. Case, Jason Powers, Robert Hamilton, and Mary Jane Burton --
man made and recombinant domain names from a midge's great silk protein : position for disulfide bonds / Steven T. Case and Stanley V. Smith --
In vivo synthesis and structural research of alanylglycine-rich man made proteins / Eric J. Cantor, Howard S. Creel, Yoshikuni Deguchi, Michael J. Dougherty, Srinivas Kothakota, Mark T. Krejchi, Kunio Matsuki, Kevin P. McGrath, Ajay D. Parkhe, Edward D.T. Atkins, Maurille J. Fournier, Thomas L. Mason, and David A. Tirrell --
layout, synthesis, and fabrication of a singular self-assembling fibrillar protein / J.P. O'Brien, R.H. Hoess, K.H. Gardner, R.L. Lock, Z.R. Wasserman, Patricia C. Weber, and F.R. Salemme --
Optical characterization of silk secretions and fibers / Christopher Viney, Anne E. Huber, Dwayne L. Dunaway, Keven Kerkam, and Steven T. Case --
Structural evolution of genetically engineered silklike protein polymers / J. Philip Anderson, Matthew Stephen-Hassard, and David C. Martin --
NMR characterization of silk proteins / Tetsuo Asakura, Makoto Demura, Atsuo Uyama, Katsuaki Ogawa, Keiichi Komatsu, Linda okay. Nicholson, and Timothy A. go --
Raman spectroscopic research of the secondary constitution of spider silk fiber / D. Blake Gillespie, Christopher Viney, and Paul Yager --
Crystal constitution of silk of Bombyx mori / Yasuhiro Takahashi --
towards single-fiber diffraction of spider dragline silk from Nephila clavipes / S.G. McNamee, C.K. Ober, L.W. Jelinski, E. Ray, Y. Xia, and D.T. Grubb --
X-ray moduli of silk fibers from Nephila clavipes and Bombyx mori / Mary A. Becker, D.V. Mahoney, P.G. Lenhert, R.K. Eby, David Kaplan, and W. Wade Adams --
elements of the morphology of dragline silk of Nephila clavipes / D.V. Mahoney, D.L. Vezie, R.K. Eby, W. Wade Adams, and David Kaplan --
Thermal houses of silk proteins in silkworms / Shigeo Nakamura, Jun Magoshi, and Yoshiko Magoshi --
Mechanical and chemical houses of yes spider silks / M.B. Hinman, S.L. Stauffer, and R.V. Lewis --
Mechanical homes of significant ampulate gland silk fibers extracted from Nephila clavipes spiders / Philip M. Cunniff, Stephen A. Fossey, Margaret A. Auerbach, and John W. tune --
preliminary degradative alterations present in Bombyx mori silk fibroin / Mary A. Becker and Noreen Tuross --
Molecular modeling reviews on silk peptides / Stephen A. Fossey and David Kaplan --
ways to modeling and estate prediction of version peptides / Ruth Pachter, Robert L. Crane, and W. Wade Adams --
Mechanism of fiber formation of silkworm / Jun Magoshi, Yoshiko Magoshi, and Shigeo Nakamura --
Spinning of protein polymer fibers / J. Cappello and Kevin P. McGrath --
Elastomeric community types for the body and viscid silks from the orb net of the spider Araneus diadematus / J.M. Gosline, C.C. Pollak, P.A. Guerette, A. Cheng, M.E. DeMont, and M.W. Denny --
Formation and homes of silk skinny movies / Wayne S. Muller, Lynne A. Samuelson, Stephen A. Fossey, and David Kaplan --
functions of silk / T.J. Bunning, H. Jiang, W. Wade Adams, Robert L. Crane, Barry Farmer, and David Kaplan.

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Ch002 26 SILK POLYMERS: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY FIGURE 6 Mastophora and its bolas. The spider hangs on its support line (a frame/radius equivalent) and swings its sticky ball that incorporates in one huge droplet the plasticised core threads of the ancestral capture spiral. ) thread to see the truth of this statement. The evolution of the aqueous coat has not only allowed the reduction of web building activity until the web consists of just the stick ball of the bolas spider (Figure 6).

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