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If by weight, numbers are given in pounds (lb) or more commonly tons (2000 lb = 1 ton). If by volume, then the numbers are given in cubic yards (yd 3). This book incorporates both conventions, because a scale is not used for all waste audits. Most observations are made by volume and then, using density figures, the approximate weight is calculated. 3 The Hierarchy of Solid Waste Management When approaching solid waste analysis and minimization, there is an accepted hierarchy, or order of solution approaches, that should be deployed when analyzing an organization’s waste streams.

For example, the company could transport the cardboard to a third-party processor for recycling. 5 Waste treatment to render the waste less hazardous. If waste is generated, develop a separation method and treat the waste so it is less harmful before releasing it to the environment. This solution applies mostly to chemical processes, such as treating waste water and releasing it to the public sewer. 6 Secure disposal. Dispose of the waste at a secure landfill. The company could use its waste hauler to transport the cardboard to a local landfill.

Plastic types are generally easy to distinguish, because they are imprinted with a recycling symbol and a number. The recycling symbol verifies that the material can be recycled, and the number corresponds to the type of plastic used. 6 UNITS In the field of solid waste minimization and recycling, there are two conventions for quantifying the waste and materials. Quantification is either done by weight or volume. If by weight, numbers are given in pounds (lb) or more commonly tons (2000 lb = 1 ton).

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