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By L. Suenens, H. Lenk, L. P. Gorskij, A. Wohl (auth.), Ommo Grupe, Dietrich Kurz, Johannes Marcus Teipel (eds.)

Should clinical congresses occur in reference to Olympic video games, and may technology be represented not just within the type of utilized technology engaged within the care of athletes, but in addition as an informing, reflecting and important authority? The Organizing Committee for the video games of the XXth Olympiad responded this question within the affirmative, and the implications have justified this choice. The invitation despatched out through the Organizing Committee used to be accredited by means of quite a few eminent students and lots of contributors from around the world; it used to be their advantage that the final subject of the congress should be mentioned in manifold methods less than quite a few points and with no prejudice. consequently, they deserve our gratitude and appreciation. by way of now, the congress file has been accomplished. it's a part of the full clinical inspiration such as the preparatory ebook, "The medical View of recreation­ views, facets, Issues", the congress itself and the current document; and, in shut connection therewith, the exhibitions, "100 Years of German Excavation paintings in Olympia", "Sport and medication" and the literary exhibition. it's to be was hoping that this record will turn out a big resource of knowledge and a stimulus for dialogue between members and students, scholars, academics and coaches; and that it'll defend the fruitful continuation of the paintings initiated through the Munich congress. thank you are as a result of those that took pains in getting ready this record. it is going to be a necessary aspect in the framework of all that would stay of the Olympic video games of 1972.

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Werte - Ziele - Wirklichkeit der modernen Olympischen Spiele. 2nd ed. Schorndorf 1972. - Leistungsmotivation und Mannschaftsdynamik. Schorndorf 1970. 2 Olympia Congress Report 17 The Alienation and Identity of Man in Sport - Philosophie im technologischen Zeitalter. Stuttgart etc. 1971, 1972. Leistungssport: Ideologie oder Mythos? Zur Leistungskritik und Sportphilosophie. Stuttgart 1972. : Sport in philosophischer Sicht. In: H. Baitsch etal. ): Sport im Blickpunkt der Wissenschaften, Mtinchen 1972, 11-40.

Thesis 8. The philosophical, in particular the socio-philosophical analysis and discussion of performance behaviour, especially in sport should be extended and strongly promoted, to overcome the widespread lack of orientation concerning social, philosophical and intellectual problems of sports, particularly in connection with the subjects of alienation and self-detection. Only after consideration of these and other, similar postulates will it be possible, in a manner compatible with human dignity, to utilize the chances of "emancipatory" personality formation inherent in performance and aspiration for achievement in sport, even though these chances have no automatic effect but must be "touched off" by pedagogical measures.

During a period of more than 150 years it has passed through a number of phases, each stage of development being characterized by new aspects and new possibilities. It has changed its content, its sphere of influence and its form. 2. It may, then, be stated that the modern movement in sport has arisen and expanded in response to certain needs and conditions of the world we live in, a world of urbanization and industrialization, and that sport has adapted itself to the changes taking place in this world, while gradually adjusting its own character accordingly.

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