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Structurally, this seemingly complex type of residence, as well as the system of inheritance and succession, may seem to be in harmony with cross-cousin marriage. Ideal marriage patterns, however, are not always followed by the Tuareg, and this is true particularly of second marriages. The Tuareg have a high rate of divorce and when a man divorces to marry again his marriage may be less determined by ideal rules than his first marriage, which may have been arranged by his parents—in particular by his father.

Nowadays the young people have greater possibilities of meeting, thanks to, inter alia, the schooling. To be engaged is now so common that even the Church has eased the restrictions formerly imposed and no longer considers this to be a sin. There still remains, however, much shyness and stealth in connection with the meetings and dates, which must be without the knowledge of others, especially the parents. Sexual relations ensue in the majority of cases, although the ideology prescribes virginity for both sexes.

The strict adherence to chronological order parallel with the periods of the life-cycle is thus more fictive than realistic (see Table 2). TABLE 2 Biological status and sex-roles Life-cycle Age status Age periods Masc. Fern. Infancia: 0-2 criatura criatura Ninez: 2-12, 15 nino nina, sisigwa 12-15 12-18 muchacho, piltontle muchacha Adolescencia: 15-marriage 18-marriage joven, telpokath senorita Kinship status Masc. Fern. hijo hermano (mayor) hijastro sobrino nieto primo hermano ahijado hija hermanaf mayor) hijastra sobrina nieta prima hermana ahijada novio no via marido mujer, esposa mujer padre padrastro tio yerno cunado padrino compadre madre madrastra tia nuera cunada madrina comadre vieja suegro viudo abuelo bisabuelo tatarabuelo suegra viuda abuela bisabuela tatarabuela Edad adulta ' marriagemarriage-1 or adulto hombre 2 children Vejez viejo 44 ANNA-BRITTA HELLBOM Infancia: criatura 0-2, 3 years (see Life-cycle).

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