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By Jochen Büttner, Peter Damerow, Jürgen Renn, Matthias Schemmel (auth.), Wolfgang Lefèvre, Jürgen Renn, Urs Schoepflin (eds.)

Wolfgang Lefevre, Jiirgen Renn, and Vrs Schoepflin basic The beginning of this quantity is a workshop held has a deeper, extra advanced constitution which in 1997 in Berlin as a part of a sequence of labor­ needs to be assumed if its research is simply dependent retailers geared up within the framework of the on textual content. in reality, the research of the functionality of community on technological know-how and the visible photos photos within the early sleek interval indicates that 1500 - 1800 funded by means of the ecu technology they mediated not just among technology and starting place and initiated by way of William Shea. its cultural context, but in addition among practi­ in the meantime a variety of contributions used to be cal wisdom and its theoretical mirrored image completely revised and ready for publica­ in medical theories. tion including also invited papers The research of pictures therefore constitutes an for this publication. the result's a quantity which very important department of the historical past of technological know-how we are hoping corresponds to the unique inten­ that at the one hand is conceived of as half tion of the community to give a contribution to a histori­ of a extra normal background of tradition and on cal reconstruction of the function of pictures within the the opposite hand as a old epistemology of historical past of technology, nonetheless overlooked as a result of wisdom. This booklet isn't a scientific and the normal concentration of the heritage of technological know-how accomplished account of clinical pictures on texts reminiscent of a focus on and the early smooth period.

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Guidobaldo del Monte ca. 1587-1592 Lat. 10246 (Meditantiunculae Guidi Ubaldi e marchionibus Montis Santae Mariae de rebus mathematicis). Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris. Harriot, T. Add. Ms. 6789. British Library. Heath, S. T. L. 1956 The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements. New York. Jahn, M. 1889-1891 Geschichte der Kriegswissenschaften. Mtinchen. Leonardo da Vinci 1974 Codex Madrid I: tratado de estatica y mechanica en italiano. Frankfurt am Main Santbech, D. 1561 Problematum astronomicorum et geometricorum sectiones septem.

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