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By Meg Cabot

Princess for president pupil physique president, that's. it is all the fault of Princess Mia's power-mad ally and crusade supervisor, Lilly, who nominates her within the first position. this isn't how Mia imagined kicking off her sophomore 12 months, no matter if Grandm?re thinks ruling her highschool makes strong perform for ruling Genovia sometime. As traditional, even though, Mia has greater difficulties to fret approximately. Sophomore Geometry seems to be simply as tough as freshman Algebra, and a stunning B on her first English project has Mia reeling. And with Michael, her one real love, uptown in school, what's the element of even getting up for faculty within the morning? The final straw is what Lana whispers to her at the lunch line approximately what university boys count on in their girlfriends ... particularly, it really is virtually greater than a princess in education can undergo.

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It is no different than being a high school Algebra teacher, I guess. But at least Mr. G doesn’t have to wear a JUMPSUIT to work. I wonder if April Pollack, the girl who became Mrs. Wendell Jenkins instead of my mom, is on here. OH, MY GOD! She is!!!! APRIL POLLACK WAS ELECTED CORN PRINCESS OFVERSAILLES,INDIANA , IN 1985!!!!!!!!!!! My momDid It with a guy who later went on to marry a corn princess. Which is veryironic, considering my mom later went on to have the illegitimate child of a prince!

Is it not enough I am burdened with a psychotic best friend? Must my grandmother be losing her mind AT THE EXACT SAME TIME???? Tuesday, September 8, the loft So as if this day hasn’t been long enough, when I got home just now, it was to find utter chaos reigning. Mom was bouncing a screaming Rocky in her arms, tearfully singing “MySharona ” to him, while Mr. G sat at the kitchen table, yelling into the phone. I could tell right away something was wrong. ” Not that I would expect a woman who took her three-month-old to a protest rally where someone ended up throwing a trashcan through a Starbucks window would remember which songs he likes and doesn’t like.

Hello,” I said, because I’ve fully seen every episode of I Love the 80s, including I Love the 80s Strikes Back. ” Mom cried. “I mean, people actually thought George Michael was straight. And that Madonna would be a one-hit wonder. ” I couldn’t think of anything to say. ” And then, noticing my mother’s expression, I was like, “Oh, my God. “MOM!!! ” “His name was Wendell,” my mom said, her eyes going all dreamy, either because Wendell had been a totalhottie , or because Rocky had finally quit crying, and was instead drooling all over the lion patch on my uniform blazer, so that for once, the loft was filled with blissful silence.

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