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Starred Review"In her first book-length paintings, Sabin provides a major, clean, and thorough addition to the burgeoning box of earth-based religious perform volumes...written in a gentle, informative kind that magically mines intensity, breadth and brevity."--Publishers Weekly, starred reviewDue to the sheer variety of Wicca one hundred and one books out there, many rookies to the Craft locate themselves piecing jointly their Wiccan schooling by means of analyzing a bankruptcy from one publication, a number of pages from one other. instead of counting on snippets of knowledge to construct a brand new religion, Wicca for newcomers offers a fantastic origin to Wicca with out restricting the reader to at least one culture or path.Embracing either the religious and the sensible, Wicca for newcomers is a primer at the philosophies, tradition, and ideology in the back of the faith, with no wasting the secret that attracts many scholars to wish to profit. Detailing practices resembling grounding, elevating power, visualization, and meditation, this e-book deals workouts for center strategies prior to launching into extra advanced rituals and spellwork.Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary assets Award for top Wiccan/Pagan ebook

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It’s a heck of a lot easier if you relax, turn off your inner Mr. Spock, and allow yourself to feel it. Here are some basic exercises to get you started. exercise 1: hand to hand This is a tried-and-true “first energy experience” technique. Nearly every Wiccan I know has used this trick at least once. Find a place where you can sit quietly and undisturbed for a while. It can be on the floor, in a chair, outside, or whatever is comfortable for you. It’s important that you be able to relax. Sit up straight if you can do so while you are still relaxed.

There are still lots of Gardnerian Wiccans today, and much of today’s Wicca is descended from or inspired by Gardner’s work—including the word Wicca itself, which he didn’t invent, but popularized. Gardner believed at least some of Margaret Murray’s theory about witchcraft being a surviving pagan religion (Murray even wrote the introduction to Witchcraft Today). He claimed that rituals and spells his teachers had given him were fragmentary—that pieces had been lost over time—and that he took the pieces and put them back together, borrowing things from other occult sources to fill the gaps.

Most importantly, they strive to be in tune with nature and its changes and “walk lightly” on mother earth. Many Wiccans are environmentalists or vegetarians because of their reverence for the earth, but forgetting Earth Day or grabbing a burger for lunch won’t get you kicked out of the Wiccan country club. Wicca Is Experiential Wicca is an experiential religion. What this means is that how Wicca works in a person’s life is heavily influenced by that person’s experiences. There is no central church of Wicca, and no Wiccan Bible, Torah, or Koran to outline the beliefs, rules, and teachings of the religion.

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